In 2020, Carlene Firmin set up the Contextual Safeguarding Academics Network (CSAN). The CSAN brings together teaching and research staff from universities – as well as research students – to identify opportunities to collaborate, share ideas and build a community of interest to develop the Contextual Safeguarding approach.

Developments in local test sites have begun to raise questions regarding workforce development, and the inclusion of contextual approaches in various professional qualifications. Testing is also surfacing a range of research opportunities and an increasing need for collaboration, multi-disciplinary thought and cross-university capacity. Interest has also started to build in other countries where researchers are also drawing upon the Contextual Safeguarding framework. The CSAN is supporting efforts to coordinate these opportunities and facilitate take-up across a range of universities.

See below to find out more about out current members.

If you are an academic and interested in joining the CSAN please contact Molly Manister at [email protected]