Developing contextual responses to the abuse and exploitation of young people


Welcome to the Contextual Safeguarding Network from the University of Bedfordshire. This network brings together practitioners, researchers and policy makers who are committed to protecting young people from harm outside of the home. Join the network for free to access resources, tutorials, videos and briefings.
To find out more about Contextual Safeguarding follow the links below.

This video provides an over view of Contextual Safeguarding and it's relevance to practitioners.

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This toolkit documents the process of creating a Contextual Safeguarding approach in Hackney and provides the tools and guidance to support other areas in implementing a Contextual Safeguarding approach.

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Dr. Peter Yates (Edinburgh Napier University) and James Cox (Social Work Scotland) reflect on the potential of Contextual Safeguarding in Scotland and the thoughts that emerged when Carlene Firmin presented the theory and facilitated professional discussions during a visit in May 2019.

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