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Case Consultations

Last updated: Fri 03, 2018

Since May 2017 Hackney have been working with the University of Bedfordshire to embed a Contextual Safeguarding approach within Children and Families services. Part of this process has involved creating new systems and processes for assessing and intervening in cases of extra-familial risk. Throughout the process, the Hackney Contextual Safeguarding team have provided support to practitioners who are working with cases that involve risk outside of the home.

Shaba Dachi, Practice Development Lead in Hackney has developed Contextual Case consultations as a way to support practitioners to consider the different contextual elements of cases. This is particularly important when managing extra-familial risk.

To hear more, listen to our podcast interview with Shaba as he explains the process and download the case consultation guidance. 

In this podcast Shaba Dachi provides an overview for practitioners on when, why and how to carry out a Contextual Safeguarding Case Consultation. Shaba also shares key learning from the process to support practitioners to implement. This podcast supports the case consultation guidance document.

Posted: Wed Mar, 2018

Case Consultations

Case consultation guidance

This toolkit includes guidance and documents to help you carry out a contextual case consultation. 

Case Consultations

Referral tracker

Download this Excel spreadsheet to track the number of case referrals and record themes.

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