Key and Latest Publications from the Contextual Safeguarding Programme

Signs of Safety and Contextual Safeguarding

In this briefing document we explore the relationship between Contextual Safeguarding and Signs of Safety – and ways that these two approaches can work together when safeguarding young people affected by extra-familial harm, as well as assessing and intervening with extra-familial contexts and groups.

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The legal and policy framework for Contextual Safeguarding approaches

This briefing considers the extent to which changes made to Working Together to Safeguard Children in 2018, and the existing legislative underpinning that guidance, provide a sufficient policy and practice framework for adopting a Contextual Safeguarding approach.

Authors: Carlene Firmin and Rachel Knowles

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A Briefing on Harmful Sexual Behaviour in Schools

A briefing that presents findings from a two-year study into harmful sexual behaviour (HSB) in English schools, Beyond Referrals Two. The briefing provides an overview of key thematic findings from the study, organised in relation to: the prevalence of HSB; strengths of responses; disclosure; peer support; parental engagement; and disability and provides 30 recommendations for schools, multi-agency safeguarding partners and the wider field of education.

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A 2020 update on the operational, strategic and conceptual framework

A briefing that summarises developments in the use and meaning of the Contextual Safeguarding framework from 2017 through to 2020.

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Contextual Safeguarding Strategic Briefing 2017

A briefing summarising the Contextual Safeguarding framework from a conceptual, strategic and operational perspective: based on testing by the close of 2017.

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Contextual Safeguarding Legal Briefing 2018

A summary of the legal and regulatory tools of relevance to the Contextual Safeguarding approach, authored by a partnership of legal experts, child protection professionals and researchers.

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MsUnderstood Project Report 2016

A report that chronicles the findings and resources of a three year study to build contextual responses to peer-on-peer abuse in England. The study underpinned the design of the Contextual Safeguarding framework.

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County Lines and Contextual Safeguarding Briefing 2019

A briefing which explores what a Contextual Safeguarding framework might offer to developing responses to young people who are exploited via county lines drugs distribution

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Case Review Paper 2017

A paper summarising the findings of the four year doctoral study (2011-2015) in which nine cases of peer-on-peer abuse were reviewed to understand safeguarding responses: a study in which the term ‘Contextual Safeguarding’ was first coined.

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Key Practice Resources

Audit Toolkit (2016)

A toolkit featuring all the resources used by the research team to audit local responses to peer-on-peer abuse from a Contextual Safeguarding perspective.

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Beyond Referrals Toolkit (2020)

A self-assessment resource for schools and multi-agency partnerships to build educational contexts equipped to prevent and address harmful sexual behaviours

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Implementation Toolkit (2019)

A suite of local policy and practice resources to support a full system’s implementation of Contextual Safeguarding within children and family’s services and wider safeguarding partnerships

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For a suite of practice and policy resources, webinars, podcasts and blogs please visit the Contextual Safeguarding Practitioner’s Network