Project Description

In 2017, the Contextual Safeguarding programme (CSP) began partnering with local authorities to begin testing the framework in practice. The Reach and Impact (R&I) workstream is the first systematic attempt at evaluating the extent of the programme’s reach and impact.

The research asks how many local areas and individuals have been reached by the CSP via current CS networks, training or other events; and what is the impact or influence of the CSP on national policy, local systems and structures and direct practice with young people and their families or carers.

The project has three aspects:

Case study bank to demonstrate how the CSP has impacted local systems and practice across test sites and non-test sites and capture the ways in which outcomes young people and their families have been improved.

Documentary review of national (across all four nations) and local safeguarding partnerships to identify how CS is influencing key policy initiatives


Routine monitoring framework to understand the reach of the CSP programme through strategic briefings, attendance at CS training and other events and use of five CS current networks


The project runs from April 2021-March 2022.


Principal investigator: Dr Lisa Bostock, Senior Research Fellow

Project team: Caroline Cresswell, Research Fellow; Gayanthi Hapuarachchi, Adminstrative Coordinator; Meegan Scipio, Research Administrator


Funder: Porticus and the National Lottery

Contact: [email protected]