Project Description

As local areas beyond research test sites develop Contextual Safeguarding approaches, the team has sought to provide them with strategic and coordinated support. Part of this offer has involved bringing together a group of local authorities who are actively implementing the approach and using resources from the CS Network in the process. This implementation group (the LAIG) meet twice a year, and connect virtually outside of group meetings to:

  1. Advance Contextual Safeguarding approaches and systemic change by providing a forum in which opportunities, development, challenges and risks can be shared.
  2. Provide a structure through which the Contextual Safeguarding team can track and explore thematic developments in practice, or requirements from policy, to inform steps taken by other areas and decision-makers nationally

In addition a wider interest network of local areas (the LAIN) who are at the start of their implementation journey are being supported via shared plan overseen by Carlene Firmin. The plan includes workshops and webinars, briefings and written guidance, based on their identified priorities, as well as in person strategic visits by Carlene with senior leaders to answer key implementation questions. Members of the LAIN have also been introduce to members of the LAIG in regional or topical clusters, to initiate peer support. Members of the LAIN are committed to:

  1. Accurately referencing Contextual Safeguarding principles and supporting its development
  2. Draw upon learning from the CS programme and network to develop contextual approaches
  3. Engagement in the CS programme via the practice network, attendance at learning events and engagement in wider projects within the research programme

Senior leaders interested in joining the LAIG or the LAIN can make contact with Carlene Firmin to complete a brief application form.

Project lead: Carlene Firmin

Project administrator: Gayanthi Hapuarachchi

Contact: [email protected]

Key documents: LAIG Terms of Reference and LAIG/LAIN Membership