Developing contextual responses to the abuse and exploitation of young people


BEYOND REFERRALS Contextual Safeguarding for schools & colleges

Join us for a FREE workshop to explore Contextual Safeguarding and ways you can safeguard vulnerable children and young people beyond making MASH referrals.

This event is aimed at schools and education providers.

In this presentation, Dr Jenny Lloyd will introduce: the concept of contextual safeguarding ; the evidence upon which it has been built; practices, resources and recommendations that have been co-designed with practitioners who have been adopting contextual approaches to safeguarding young people across England over the past three years. The presentation will share evidence on the nature of abuse between young people in school settings and introduce tools and resources to tackle harmful sexual behaviour in schools. In doing so it will provide the foundations for practitioners interested in developing new approaches to both safeguarding young people and meeting the challenge of extra-familial risks of significant harm.

Beyond Referrals Schools Info Flyer


BEYOND REFERRALS Contextual Safeguarding for schools & colleges

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